Monday, September 07, 2009

I keep hoping I'll find it...

My willpower that is. I can't fiure out why I can kick all kinds of ass at the gym, In fact I've been doing 4-5 consistently for so long, that I feel pretty damn awful if I don't go to the gym. But food? Where is the girl who didn't go near fast food for 8 months? Where is the girl who used to say no to cookies, brownies, and icecream? This summer ruined me. I think I lost a total of 4.5 lbs since June. I've gained 2.4 lbs in the last 3 weeks. I'm trying to lose the sugar habit, In fact last night was the end of it for me. There isn't anything sweet left in my house. No icecream, no chocolate chip cookie, no yummy delicious brownies (those were made and eaten last night!)
I knew I was getting to this point again, so I went grocery shopping with a list and am ready for the upcoming week. Although... I already have to go back to the grocery store becuse I am out of bananas. I love bananas, I think they are the worlds most perfect fruit. So I need bananas and turkey meat, becuase I'm going back to making my lunches. Oh, and I'm getting yogurt so I can make fruit smoothies again (not for me, for my teen otherwise she doesn't eat breakfast, she's weird).

Hapy LAbor Day all! I'm off to the gym for another Zumba class, it's my 3rd class in 4 days. I'm so excited about this. I love Zumba!


Carlos said...

ive looked everywhere for mine... no luck so far

Jodie said...

I LOVE bananas too! I must eat 3 a day of them! I can't have sweets around either or I'll binge. We are a common lot, us overweight bloggers!