Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 8 - 30 Day Shred

I almost didn't get to Shred today. This morning I actually talked myself out of waking up to do Shred because I had done Zumba and Shred yesterday, so why did I really need to get up to do it again this morning. So I slept in and told mhyself I could take the day off.

I felt pretty guilty about though, so when I got home I told the kid that I was turning Shred on and she could stay and do it with me or she could go to her room and chill there while I got it done. She of course went to her room, no way was she going to work out unless it affected her PE grade at school. I decided to go back to Level 1 because my knee is really bothering me and I knew I would not be able to do the mountain climbers or the walking plank move, so I didn't think I'd really get the benefit of level 2. I'm going to stay at level 1 for a couple more days before attempting level 2 again.

I decided to take the day off from the gym though, so all I have to do tonight is cook dinner, do at least 2 loads of wash, vacuum, and watch Grey's Anatomy. Currently watching Kirstie Alley on Oprah.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday To do list

So, I'm off of work today. I have to get my car registered today, which means I have to get a safety inspection and an emissions check before I go spend a couple of hours waiting in a line to get my tags. I remember the days when I could just send a check in the mail and my tags would be mailed to me... MO is not CA.

So my to do list included:

Shred - Totally completed that one!
Oil Change
Safety/Emissions Check
ZUMBA! at the Y. - So excited about this one, I get Zumba twice this week.
DMV to get new plates for 2 years!
Laundry - apparatnly we have used every towel in the house, so I'm going to be a cleaning girl
Make chicken pot pie recipe from the Hungry-Girl Cookbook.

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Day 7 - 30 Day Shred

Day 7 = success! Sort of. I decided to go ahead and try Level 2. It's a lot harder than Level 1. About 5 seconds into the first strength move I was wondering what I'd gotten myself into and then I heard my cat moan and proceed to hack a hairball up on my carpet. *sigh* So gross! So Shred had to wait a minute and then I got started up really wondered if I should go back down to 1. I didn't and I got through it, a lot clumsy and with pain. I had to follow Anita because of knee issues in my right knee so many of the moves were a bad idea for me. I pretty much thought this on Day 1 of Shred at Level 1 so I will get over it and build my strength. It's always hard when you do something new.

I actually can't believe I've done Shred for a week now. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 6 - 30 Day Shred

= Fail. I was slept in this morning rather than getting up to do Shred. I think I was able to justify not doing Shred today because I have an Abs class and Zumba tonight, so I’m going to be getting a lot of exercise in tonight. And I was tired and I wanted to stay warm this morning. One thing I have noticed is that I have had a difficult time waking up today. I keep yawning and I’m just feeling tired. First time I’ve felt like this since starting Shred, so maybe there is something to this exercise in the morning thing.

Oh, and instead of having my veggie omelet today I had oatmeal... I wonder if that pklayed a part in my lethargy today???

Monday, April 27, 2009

The rest of Monday...

I ate horribly at lunch, because I'm a dumb ass, so I went to the gym after visiting my Great Aunt at the nursing home. I only did 35 minutes on the on the elliptical and then I left the gym to come home to make another equally horrible dinner (hello! pizza!) and watch the season finales of Chuck and Heroes. So that is what I'm currently doing... sitting on my ass and watching one of the best shows on TV (Chuck) that may never be on again. *shakes fist* You better renew Chuck NBC!

Day 5 – 30 Day Shred

I started my day off just as early as my previous work days while Shredding… 4:30 AM. Yes, only crazy people get up that early in the morning. I turned Shred on, still at level 1 and… I felt stronger and more able to follow Natalie instead of Anita in everything except the butt kicks. But now that I have better stamina, I’ve figured out I can’t actually kick my own butt because my thighs are still too large (and I have a bad knee that hampers my ability too). So I follow Anita for those. After 5 days of doing level 1 I do feel like I’m getting bored, I’m one step ahead of the next exercise that’s going to start, so I think I’m going to try level 2 tomorrow instead of level 1. Will report back tomorrow on how that went.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 4 30 Day Shred

I was up bright and early this morning and not nearly as sore as I have been. I could walk and everything! I turned Shred on almost right away so I could get it over with, hop in the shower, and then head to church. I used the 5 lb weights today for eveything but the side lunges/arm raises, my arms are just not strong enough to complete the move the entire time with 5 lb weights. I continue to sweat profusely during this 20 minute workout.

The most interesting thing I noticed this morning (besides feeling stronger already!) was that my waist looked smaller. Seriously, it looked smaller to me so I brought out the measuring tape and I was right! I've lost an 1 1/2 inches in 4 freaking days. Now, I'm going to admit just how bad my waistline has been. When I started this journey last July my waist was 42 inches. 4 days ago my waist measurement was 37 inches. This morning my waist measurement read 35 1/2 inches. I'm really exicted about this result and am totally staying with the Shred for the whole time, just to see how good my results can be. I think the bicycle crunches are the reason why my waist has transformed the way it has so far.

Anyway, I think I've had some really good results so far. If you have not tried the 30 Day Shred yet and want to, enter my contest for a chance to win a copy of it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My first Giveaway!

I'm so pleased with my adventures with 30 Day Shred that I'm feeling like I need to share it with others. I'm going to giveaway a copy to one lucky reader. Here is all you need to do to for a chance to win. You can do one or all:

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I will accept entries until Friday May 1, 2009 at Midnight PST and announce the winner on Saturday, May 2. Contest is open to US and Canadian residents only. (I don't want to forget about our friends to the North)

***Update*** If you do not have a twitter you can also blog about it on your blog for another chance to win.

Day 3 - 30 Day Shred

It is now Noon on Saturday and I've just completed Day 3 of Shred. i decided to use 5 lb weights today and about 1/2 way through I had to stop and switch to the 3 lb weights. I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully I will continue to get stronger and can move up to heavier weights before the end of the first 30 days.

I'm still sore but the moves do appear to get easier, maybe because I'm expecting the changes now so I know I need to push a little harder and mvoe a little quicker to keep up with Jillian... well Anita anyway, I'm not quite ready to follow Natalie but I think I will be before the end. The butt kicks are still beyond me, but I moved a little more during that 30 seconds of time, so yay me. I can not believe how much sweat pours off of me during this workout. Obviously I have not been working myself as hard as I can be at the gym. The only night I sweat this much is Zumba and that isbecause I have someone there telling me I can do it and I believe her. So maybe I need to rethink this personal trainer thing. I always said I couldn't afford it and why would I pay someone to tell me what to do? Now I'm beginning to think it might just do me some good to do it for a short while. I did get some back from taxes, so maybe I need to use a little of it to help me get healthier and stronger.

Anyway, Day 3 is done. Only 27 more to go.

Weekly Weigh In 04/25/09

I'm just going to get right to it. My results are much better than last week.


I've done a lot of right things, and there are a few things I still need to work on, but I'm getting more consistent with my exercise and what I'm puttin gin my mouth.

I have not completed Day 3 of the Shred yet. I chose to sleep in today (and it was wonderful!) I'm pretty sore but not like I was last night. Last night I could not do more than a shuffle around my house. I had some muscle relaxers left over from my, now gone, jaw trouble so I popped one of thise babies last night and oday my muscles are not nearly as tight.

I bought a new vacuum last night. It's a bagless one with a hepa filter. I learned two things... 1) my carpets were disgusting and 2) the hepa filter does work becasue I can breath easier in my house.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 2 – 30 Day Shred

I only hit the snooze button once this morning. The 2nd time it went off instead of hitting snooze I turned the alarm off (which could have been a huge disaster!). I debated with myself for about 30 seconds about leaving the comfort of my warm bed to do Shred. I actually talked my self out of the extra sleep because it was only 30 extra minutes. Seriously people, only 30 extra minutes. 30 minutes is like another 8 hours when you are the type who really enjoys sleeping. *sigh*

I got my ass out of bed and about cried because my calved and thighs were so sore (I could barely walk). At this point, I really tried to convince myself to get back in bed and hide. I’m sure I would have if I hadn’t already turned the alarm off! My subconscious totally knows me! I turned on Jillian to Level 1 and started to 20 minutes of hell. I didn’t half-ass it either. The only move I can not do, and I’m not sure why, is the kicking my feet up to my butt. Actually, I could barely pick me feet off of the floor because of soreness, but even yesterday I had difficulty doing it. I’m pretty heavy in the legs so maybe that’s why? Otherwise I did pretty well. I only used 3 lb weights, I think tomorrow I will bring out the 5 lb weights and if those still feel too light then I’m about to make a purchase for heavier hand weights (okay, so I should probably have had 10 lb weights already but I have always been pretty lazy and whiny about things being too heavy. I’m working on that)

Day 2 is accomplished and I feeling pretty good about myself. I’m sore as all get out, but I just keep saying it’s only for 30 days. Tonight I am heading over to the gym to put in 60 minutes on the elliptical. I’ve done really well with exercise and food this week. I’ve also not had soda this week, which is a total miracle because I do love Coca Cola, the real stuff, not a diet soda fan. I’m a little worried about the weigh in because I’m a scale junkie and get on every morning and the numbers are not reflecting my effort. I know it will reflect it eventually but I was really hoping to lose all the weight I’d gain last week and then some. It’s still in the realm of possibility, I stated before how my body has a habit of holding excess water. I am consistently diagnosed with Edema and take a water pill daily (HCTZ 25 mg) So, I’m totally going to see a loss, I just don’t know how much of one I’m going to get this week. Have a happy Friday all! Yay, it’s Friday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 1 – 30 Day Shred

I was supposed to start Day 1 yesterday, but sleeping through the alarm clock for 40 minutes threw that right out the window. So my plan was to start this morning on Day 1.
• Alarm clock going off at 4:20 am? Check
• Hit snooze twice? Check
• After hitting snooze 2nd time, actually look at time and notice it is 4:38 and just enough time allotted to do 20 minute Shred workout and still be able to take shower, make lunches and get to work on time. Check
• Roll out of bed… even though don’t want to? Check!
• Turn DVD on and think smugly… I can totally rock this out and not feel it because I’ve been working out for 10 months? Check
• After 3 minutes of doing what Jillian tells me to… start thinking how much I hate her and maybe want to cry just a little? Definitely Check.
• Finish 30 Day Shred and vow never to do it again? Check (I’m kidding I’m going to get up again tomorrow!)

Wow, for just 20 minutes Shred really kicks your ass. I can’t believe how tired I was and how my calves and thighs feel sore already. I could not kick my heels up to my ass, not because I can’t do it, but because I didn’t want my daughter running out of her room swearing we’d just had an earthquake! Anyway, I’m glad I got through Day 1… only 29 more to go.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another On Program Day

Another day finished and another day back in control. It helps so much to have groceries in the house. It has made a huge difference in my fod choices and my desire to eat healthy. I feel strong and healthy this week!

I am now on day 3 of gym going. Tonight, of course, was Abs and Zumba! Still so excited to go to class every week. It's how I know it's where I still belong.

I watched tongiht's Biggest Loser and was very sad to see Kristin go. I really hoped she would win it. She will do awesome in real life though so ultimately that's all that matters. Currently watching the Blues in OT. Please let the playoof dream continue. The boys need to win at least one. Go Blues!

One last thing, I broke down and bought 30 Day Shred. Day 1 starts tomorrow!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back in step

I started off my Sunday morning by heading to church. I love my church, our pastor is awesome, his message always powerful, and the music there is incredible. Today's musicians were from the youth. So imagine totally awesome and talented teenage boys singing and playing instruments with a passion most of us wish for. Awesome way to start the day.

After church, we went to Mimi's cafe for breakfast. I was not good. I had a monterey omelete that had monterey jack cheese, bacon, and avocado. It was delicous, but not a great way to start my caloric intake for the day. I felt a little guilty for enjoying its awesome deliciousness that when I got home, I put my workout clothes on and headed to the gym. I did 35 minutes on the eliptical and then 20 minutes of strength training. Probably not as much as I should have done, but I think it's actually pretty darn good considering I do not usually hit the gym on the weekends.

After the gym, I went and got my toes done. They are quite pretty now and completely ready for sandal season.

Dinner at Mom's house is all that's left on the agenda for they day. The menu is steak and since I'm not a red meat eater, I'm bringing my own food. lol I'm back on track and looking forward to staying that way.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekly Weigh-In

So, I'm just gonna get this out there. I gained 2 lbs this week. I didn't throw everything out the window this week, but I I just never truly got around to doing what needs to be done to lose weight. I only exercised on Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week, I just used my stress surrounding my upcoming interview to not go to the gym. It wasn't even a valid excuse, I was just being lazy. I didn't track one ounce of food this week, not even in my head. It's not like I hit fast food restaraunts or anything, I just ate whatever the hell was in my house and that included Easter candy... and a dark choclate Milky Way.

Even today, I haven't really been on... although I usually am lax on Saturdays. I did however make myself go to the grocery store (and Costco) to stock my shelves with wholesome goodness. I have enough food for the next two weeks, and it's all good stuff like chicken and turkey and veggies and fruit and yummy yogurt, which I have finally grown to love. And... well you get the picture. This gain has done more to kick my ass than anything else I could have done. So, I'm trying and I feel good about starting afresh this week. I'm also going to try to post more this week, to keep myself on track and honest.

As for my interview, well, I didn't bomb. But the more I think about it, the more nervous I am about my performance in there. I wasn't prepared for two of the questions asked so I totally winged my answers and I'm not sure how well those two went down. Even the questions I had prepared for I'm worried about. I really would love to have this job. It would be a lot of really hard work, but would be such an advancement to my career it'd be worth the loss of downtime. Plus, I'd get to travel a little bit. I won't hear anything for at least a week. I think they were interviewing 5 people and I was like interview 3 (which does not bode well, the rumours are the last guy usually gets the job. Actually not sure how true that is, that's just what peeps at work think).

Anyway, that's what's going on. The teen has her BFF over tonight, so I've got giggling teenagers in the house and The Red Wings on the telly. (My Blues are off tonight)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I have my job interview tomorrow and I've been a little stressed about it the last couple of days. I haven't exercised since Tuesday or eaten very well the last couple of days. I'm disappointed with myself. I know this is just a temporary set back and everything will go back to normal after I get myself through this darn interview. (I really want the job, I will learn so much in it). I'm pretty sure I've gained weight this week, but hopefully next week will see me back on track. Anyway, just stopping by to let everyone know I am here just not being very health minded the last two or three days.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekly Weigh In...4/11/09


I'm feeling pretty good about the results. I had to deal with a birthday party and missed gym time. I'm hoping to get back to my regularly scheduled program now. I do have a job interview to prepare for this week. I'm nervous about it but really hopeful that I interview well and get the job. I'd finally be able to put my degree to good use!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm still here!

I've just been incredibly busy and haven't been able to get on the interwebz. I'm afraid to visit my Google Reader because it's been like 3 days! I'm feeling better than I was the last time I posted anything, so that's good. I'm eating well and exercising, and doing everything I can possibly do to prepare myself for my job interview... that I don't even know if I'm going to get yet! But hey, even if it doesn't come to fruition, at least I've learned a bunch of new stuff about the company I work for and about the interview process in general. So that's about it. Just looking forward to Lost and bed tonight! How is everyone else these days?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I just can't seem to break this funk I'm in. I know it all has to do with hormonal issues, but I keep crying over totally stupid stuff, currently it is the movie Parent Trap. I'm not even sure why I'm posting this other than I'm trying to keep a record of this journey and my emotional health is just as important as my physical health. I keep feeling overwhelmed with all that's going on, and I don't have any clothes that fit, and I'm trying to get a new job but I'm also feeling guilt over leaving the old one because it's comfortable and safe and my boss is the type of boss that takes people leaving personally. And sometimes, I just want to quit everything because being fat is comfortable and I can hide and not live my life to the fullest. And I'm not even sure why I've just said that because it's the first time since August I've even thought that. Please let me get over this soon, because I am sick of feeling like this!

Tonight was also my very last night of Financial Peace University. I really do feel like I've learned a lot and am looking forward finding my own financial peace. I'll miss going to class every Sunday.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Weekly Weigh In...4/4/09

I've posted a couple of times this week about how I've been struggling this week with cravings and water retention. I almost didn't even go to WW this morning because I was sure there would be a huge gain. Since Thursday, I've been sticking to water and watching my sodium intake. I also got to the gym 4 days this week. I took last night off with the exercise because my muscles were sore. So I did start seeing the hand and ankle swelling slowly disappearing over the course of Friday and when I did finally manage to get over to my meeting (I was late! Procrastinate much!?) there was:

NO CHANGE! 0 lbs loss

Never have I been so happy to same the same exact number on the scale before! So now that TOM is on it's way out and my chocolate cravings are finally gone and water retention is a thing of the past, it's time to find my love for fruits and vegetables again and practice eating them instead of cookies.

Oh and I tried these this week.

They are both 5 points each, and I actually added 1 cup of broccoli to the penne and it made for a huge dinner! I was really surprised with how much food there actually was only 5 points, especially once the broccoli was added. Fantastic! There is still quite a of sodium in it, about 600 mg in each meal.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

So that's it.

I know what's wrong with me (said in a sing-song voice ;p). One would think I would more in tune with my body than I am, but I'm not and it took gaining 9 lbs! in 5 days. Yeah you heard right. I can only hope that tht I can get rid of this water in about 36 hours. My legs are completely swollen, full of water and my stomach is full of cookies. I think even if I get rid of most of this water, I'm going to have a gain. I've resigned myself to it and I'm going to focus on drinking lots of water and stick to veggies and fruit tomorrow. Take care all!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I seem to be eating my way through the day. I freaking ate 2 donuts today and honestly I not even a big fan of donuts. *sigh* I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with me, but I better figure it out quick because another few days like today and my lovely loss of last week will be history!

On a positive note, I did make it to the gym today and did strength training in my arms and got 70 minutes on the elliptical and I didn't get dizzy or anything. So I'm also on the mend! Woot! So that's actually 2 positives.

I'm still sick!

This has got to stop! I am now on Day 10 of this virus. I finally have my voice back, but I still kind of sound like I've been smoking 3 packs a day for the last 20 years... a nice deep voice but at least all my words are coming out rather than every 3rd of 4th one, which was totally happening last week. And this sickness caused me to not be able to finish my Zumba! class last night! I got about 15 minutes into the class and was too dizzy to keep going. I was pretty bummed because I love my class and I love results I get from the class.

Apparantly though this virus has affected my memory because I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a 4 lb gain! And I'm thinking, there is no way I gained tht much since Saturday. Then I started thinking, when was the last time I took my Blood Pressure Medication? It's a water pill, and once I started thinking I realized that I hadn't taken it in a few days (like maybe once in the last 5 days!) So mystery solved. I've got to get better at taking my meds. When I was on double BP meds I never forgot to take the pills, but ever since the Dr dropped me down to just the one, I've had a really hard time remembering to take it. I've even had a hard time remembering if I actually took it as well. Like halfway through the day, I start thinking about whether or not I actually took the darn thing, even when I actually had. I think once I've gotten through this challenge, I'm going to speak to the Dr about going off the water pill too. I don't want to be on any medication anymore. I'm pretty sick of taking pills. *sigh* Anyway, that's all I got today.