Saturday, April 04, 2009

Weekly Weigh In...4/4/09

I've posted a couple of times this week about how I've been struggling this week with cravings and water retention. I almost didn't even go to WW this morning because I was sure there would be a huge gain. Since Thursday, I've been sticking to water and watching my sodium intake. I also got to the gym 4 days this week. I took last night off with the exercise because my muscles were sore. So I did start seeing the hand and ankle swelling slowly disappearing over the course of Friday and when I did finally manage to get over to my meeting (I was late! Procrastinate much!?) there was:

NO CHANGE! 0 lbs loss

Never have I been so happy to same the same exact number on the scale before! So now that TOM is on it's way out and my chocolate cravings are finally gone and water retention is a thing of the past, it's time to find my love for fruits and vegetables again and practice eating them instead of cookies.

Oh and I tried these this week.

They are both 5 points each, and I actually added 1 cup of broccoli to the penne and it made for a huge dinner! I was really surprised with how much food there actually was only 5 points, especially once the broccoli was added. Fantastic! There is still quite a of sodium in it, about 600 mg in each meal.

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