Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back from Gym...

I did the Total Body Workout. I almost walked out because the regular instructor was not working and the sub was doing step. Fortunately, I my Sister-In-Law saw me so I couldn't walk out. turns out it wasn't a bad class. It kicked my ass, I was exhausted after, and I burned 899 calories by the time class was over. So I'm pretty damn happy and I'm going to take a nap now. lol because at heart I am a lazy ass. Have a fantastic weekend all!

Weight Watchers Meeting and weigh in

I actually made it to my meeting today. I was going to go in whether I showed a weight loss or not. You all know how incredibly frustrated I've been that I've been showing gains when I've been working so hard at the gym. In hindsight, I can see that while I was working really hard at the gym, I was slacking a bit with my food. An example would be, Well, I worked really hard at the gym, so it's okay if I have another serving of this rice/pasta/cookie/... well you get the idea. It really was an unconscious thing on my part and this week I started paying attention to what I was doing and am trying to curb this new habit. Now that I'm aware of what I'm doing, I think I'll start seeing better results.

I also spent 3 hours on Thursday dancing. I had so much fun and even consumed alcohol. The very first time that I've drank more than 1 alcoholic drink in a sitting since I started WW. It was well worth the points and I'm pretty sure I burned whatever calories I consumed that evening just from all the hip action I was doing anyway. The salsa and cha-cha are awesome that way.

On to my results... I'm down .8 lbs. So yay, finally. Here's hoping July will have more awesome results. When I look back at teh last 2 months, I've only shown a 4.4 lb loss, I should have lost twice that amount and did the first 4 months of the year.

Oh, I also joined Amy's 15 week challenge I did really well during the BLB2 so I'm really looking forward to this challenge.

I'm heading to a Total Body Workout class at the Y that starts at 9:30. I'm actually excited to go to this class. No step but lots of exercises that work ALL my problems areas!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday Recap.

I was too tired to post last night. I did the Total Body Workout again. It’s a 75 minute class and the step was involved again. I almost fell twice! I was exhausted even before the workout began, so I think that may have been why I was extra clumsy last night. After the second time of almost going down, I almost walked out… but then the instructor almost fell of her step too. So I felt much better, because if the instructor can almost fall then it pretty much can happen to anyone not just the overweight folks like me! It was a total ass-kicking workout. There was new equipment in the studio and the instructor decided that all must be used. I liked doing something different and this morning different parts of my body are sore! I am shocked that I’ve stuck to this step class for 4 weeks now. Remember when I hated it in the beginning and swore I’d never do it again? I have changed my tune. While I still dislike the step, I really love the results. I feel stronger and I burn a ton of calories.

I am not going to the gym tonight. I am however going to get a workout. I’m going to a Salsa night at a local bar. My Zumba instructor is going to be giving dance lessons at 7 and then we’ll be salsa-ing for the rest of the night. It’s exercise with alcohol. How awesome is that?! I won’t be staying until it closes, I do have to work tomorrow, but I will show up and have some fun, in a cute “little black dress” that hasn’t fit me in years and is now actually a loose… so I need to wear it quick before it’s too big to wear. As soon as it falls off of me it’s getting sent to good will, because I will not be that size again!!!

Yes, I’m feeling good about my workouts and food and results again. I’ve been really aware of what types of foods I’m eating and how much sodium is involved in it. I’ve pretty much doubled my fruits and vegetables intake and subtracted the amount of carbs I’m eating. I’ll never be a low carb kind of girl, but I have figured out eating a large amount of carbs after a workout really does waste the workout. Last night I ate a chicken enchilada and Mexican rice and refried beans for dinner… but my portion was so darn reasonable that when I got on the scale this morning I show that all my gained weight of the last 3 weeks is gone! And I’m currently sporting a loss. Yay me! I’m also really excited because I have definition in my arms. Finally! They aren’t where I want them yet, but I’m heading in the right direction.

I’m also preparing for another interview. I really want this job, if I don’t do well in the interview and I end up not getting this job, I think I’ll be crushed. The job I interviewed for would have been ok to get, so when I didn’t get it I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would be, but this one… I’d be working for someone I really respect. I should hear something by next week. Think good thoughts for me. I need all the help I can get.

Have a great day everybody, I’ll be back tomorrow… hopefully with pictures from dancing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another great day...

I have managed to pull two on program days in a row. I feel so much better knowing that I'm right on the money with food, with no deviations. I even managed to get all my fruits and veggies today. I had salad for dinner and then had strawberries and bananas for dessert!

I got a great workout too. It was Zumba! Tonight we got to do The Tango. It was fun. I totally sucked at it, but I liked learning something new.

I'm exhausted tonight. I can barely concentrate right now. I need a good night's sleep. It's been really hard sleeping at night because I can't sleep on my right side anymore. My shoulder hasn't gotten any better either. I don't want to go back to the Dr. because the next step is a shot in my shoulder and that is so not on mu list of things to do this summer!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday much better...

Food today was sooooo much better. I actually started my day with oatmeal and then I also had a scrambled egg. Lunch was also dinner. I had a buffalo chicken wrap. I asked for grilled chicken instead the breaded. It was so good and I had the other half for dinner.

I also did Total Body Workout today with a new instructor who does no "do" step, so in other words, the workout was so awesome and I'm exhausted from it. The instructor's regular day is Saturday, so I have a new day for exercise, because I really like Tiffany.

My A/C, which has not been working for the last 3 days is now working! So I'm in a much better mood now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Everything has gone out the window

My food and exercise has been pretty horrible this weekend. I totally suck. For some reason my body keeps holding water. I've been watching my sodium intake, I only drink water and tea, and I exercise like a fiend and yet for two weeks running I have gained weight. I did not go to my weight watcher meeting again! Starting Saturday morning I started eating and basically did not stop until about 20 minutes ago. I'm frustrated was frustrated because I'm gaining and then I make matters worse by eating like I used to. I'm turning it around this week. I'm so done feeling sorry for myself and not doing the things that I need to do.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

News from the Dr.

So I have a diagnosis. I have torn my miniscus on my right knee and I have rotator cuff tendonitis in my right shoulder. The Dr. said the good news is I am young so I can heal my injuries with strength exercises and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Oh and I have to change the way I sleep, which btw, how the hell am I going to do that. I am a side sleeper, I don't know how sleep any other way!

I did make it to total body workout after the Dr. Between Zumba in the morning and total Body Workout in the evening I burned almost 1400 calories! I ate a little bit more for dinner than I usually would but still well within my points. Today has been a wonderfully producitve day. I wish every day could be as good as today has been. Alas, I return to work tomorrow, so my great day has to come to an end.

I did not work today!

I have had a pretty great day and the only thing I have done is Zumba! Well, I slept until 8 AM. I'm usually up by 4:30 on the week days in order to make it to work by 6 AM. So that felt great! Then I dropped the kid off at my brother's so she could swimm for the day. Then I went to the Y and took the Wendnesday morning Zumba class. I feel fantastic. I'm now home. I made a turkey sandwich and had fresh strawberries and now I'm about to take a shower and then I'm finally heading to the Orthopedic Dr. to get not only my knee checked out but my shoulder too. So hopefully I'll get an anti-inflammatory and all this pain will go away! So that's my day so far. I have plans to go back to the why later tonight to take the total body workout class. I'm trying really had to lose the weight I gained last week. I'm hoping the extra workouts help.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Recap

I made my lunch to day. Turkey sandwich, fat free chocolate pudding and a banana. Lunch time rolls around and I open my lunch bag, and my sandwich is missing! I store my lunch in a fridge that everyone on the floor uses, so assumed that somone stole my sandwich. I was so mad. I ended up buying a half a turkey sndwich from the cafeteria. When I get back to my desk. I have a text from my kid. "Did you forget a sandwich on the counter this?" Oops. I felt bad for assuming I worked with food thieves, but it was pretty funny when I admitted my mistake. The kid ate my sandwich for me so it didn't go to waste.

I did Total Body Workout tonight. Burned almost 800 calories. I think I missed the 800 mark because there were so many people in class that the instructor decdied against the walking lunges... for which my sorry knee thanked her. The knee is getting better, which has casued me to procrastinate making a Dr. appointment. I know I have to go, but I'll feel stupid going to the Dr and having them tell me nothing is wrong. I always feellike a hypochonriac when that happens. And yes, it's happened more than once.

Anyway, food and exercise were good today. I'm tired and looking forward to getting a good night's sleep!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Meeting goals

So, I set goals for myself this week hoping that they would help me stay on track and succeed this week. Let's just say, I don't think I am meant to havew specific goals because I pretty much failed at every one this week. Including on the scale where I am up over a pound!

I wanted to exercise at least 6 days this week, and I failed that one pretty much on day 1 when I did not exercise Saturday or Sunday. The best I could hope for was 5 days, which I did accomplish, knee injury and all. The knee, btw, is better but not healed. I've been debating whether or not I should go to a Dr. because it is better but not perfect. The icing has helped it greatly.

Another goal I had was no BLT's... okay so this one wasn't so bad. I didn't actually do any BLT's. If I wanted it I ate a whole portion! Which might not have been such a good idea in hind sight!

Cooking every night? Yeah, so did not happen. I cooked one night and then ate leftovers. Twice this week I ate at Panera Bread. I had salad and half a sandwich so not like I made horrible choice, but I did not cook, so this one was a fail!

Eat 4 servings of fruits and veggies? I think I nailed this one. I love fruits and veggies so this one was an easy goal to reach.

The no soda goal? I failed on that one too. I only had 1 coke zero over the week. And I don't even like Coke Zero! I'm a fully loaded Coca Cola drinker.

Last night I ended up having a bit of a melt down. I've been retaining major water the last two days and I ended up gettin gon the scale about 8 PM last night and saw a HUGE! gain like 10 lbs. THe scale actually said 220. I threw in the towel was like I m so not going to weigh in. This water weight is a joke. You need pie right now. Remember that pie I made earlier in the week? I ate another piece and then after that I had Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup w/ hot fudge and bananas. And I ate a frozen meal for dinner last night. (The teen stayed the night at my brother's house so I didn't need to cook for her and I was lazy) The only thing I can say that is positive is that I only ate one serving of the icecream instead of the whole container... which is what I would have done this time last year. So my binge eating isn't really binge eating so much anymore. It's more like I'm making a consciuos decision to eat all this but let's not make it too horrible, mmmkay?

So this week? No goals. I'm going with the flow, trying to heal my knee, make better eating choices, and getting out of the house more to do it. Which might sound like goals but not because it's not really specific or rigid where I'll feel like I have failed. Ya know?

How has everyone else's week gone? Any success?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Knee Status

The knee is actually feeling a bit better today. It might be because I just got done icing it though, so we'll have to wait and see how it is about Noon. I'm retaining water like crazy. To the tune of 4 lbs right now. I'm attributing this to my knee as well, since my right leg seems to be about twice the size of my left leg right now.

Also, my food and exercise have pretty much been all all week. Except for a small piece of Peanut Butter pie. Recipe from this woman. I made it two days ago and had to at least try it, especially after my daughter and niece said over and over AND over again just how awesome the pie was. And it was. Incredibly awesome. And so rich a small piece really satisfied and I never felt the need to go back and shove my face in it again. lol

I did exercise yesterday. Elliptical 35 minutes. It took about 3-4 minutes on it before my knee stopped bothering me, but once it did I was okay. The hardest part was actually stepping off once I was done becasue that required bending the knee. I'm calling the Orthopedic Dr today to see if he can squeeze me in. I need an anti-inflammatory. Pain meds would be nice, but not required as long as my knee gets fixed.

Oh, and last night was SYTYCD! Awesome show. I love the dancers. They were all excellent. It's going to be hard to see anyone from this group go home! Anyway, that's all that's going on here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zumba and the knee

I did Zumba and Abs last night. There were a few moves in Abs I had to not do because my knee just can't bend without pain. Oblique work wasn't nearly as beneficial as it has been on past days. I can't do a child's pose either. It' puts to much pressure on the knee and also the whole bending thing. Zumba wasn't too bad. I couldn't do any lunges and I was a little hesitant on some of the more twisty moves, but I still got a great workout in. My instructor was very insistent about me icing my knee (as a few other people were here and other places) so I went home and iced my knee and it felt a lot better. I iced it again this morning, but it's still bothering me today. I'm not going to do Total Body Workout tonight. I am going to the gym though. I'm going to do the elliptical but probably only for 30 minutes or so.

Food so far today has been good. Oatmeal and eggs this morning (not together, that would be gross). I made my lunch so I'm having a turkey sandwich, Sugar Free chocolate pudding, and WW string cheese. I think I'm making spaghetti for dinner, but using ground turkey instead of ground beef (not a fan of italian sausauge so no making fun of my spaghetti choices)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Exercise, injury, and more!

You know how I've been bitchin' about my knee on and off for like the entire time I've been writing this blog? Well, I've gone and screwed it up even more. I took a total body workout class last Wednesday and did walking lunges. They burned in a good way, the next two days I noticed my knee was causing me some issues but still exercised on it anyway (Hello! Yes I am a dumbass) I took Saturday and Sunday off. No exercise but my knee got worse, so what did I do today? I went to total body workout again, and did more walking lunges and step. The step part hurt more than the lunges and I can no longer go up steps without pain in my right knee, but I could do the lunges relatively easy. GO figure. I burned 803 calories in the class. So awesome! I can only imagine how much more I would burn if my knee wasn't in pain.

Food, I did really well with today. I had oatmeal and 2 eggs for breakfast. For lunch I had vegetable soup and crackers. Snack consisted of a banana and a granola bar, and dinner ate up the rest of my points with chicken fettucini. So yummy and worth every single point it took. With as much exercise as I got in tonight, I'm waaay ahead. Woot!

I'm exhausted tonight, and looking forward to a good night's sleep. Tomorrow is Zumba and I'm so not missing it. I should be okay because Zumba has no steps. Steps are at work and I think I'll give myself a break by taking the elevator instead of the steps. I looked pretty funny today going down and holding on to the rail for dear life. It took me at least twice as long to go down as it normaly does.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

June Contest over at John is fit

Check out this contest. John over at John is Fit is running an awesome contest where 7 people will be randomly chosen to win a prize. 1st prize is $250 cash. Contest runs through June. So head over over and check it out!

The results are in...


I think those results are quie good, especialy because I was a little lazy with my food this week. I made a few poor choices, but exercised 5 days this week that counter acted those food choices. So this week, I'm going to have goals that I'd like to accomplish.

1) No BLT's this week... especially no spoonfuls of hot fudge
2) Exercise at least 6 days this week
3) Cook dinner every night to avoid sodium from frozen meals
4) Eat at least 4 servings of fruits and veggies every day
5) No soda of any kind. Drink of choice is either water or tea

It looks like I'm going to be heading to CA for a vacation in August. When I went last year, I had just quit smoking and hadn't started Weight Watchers or the gym yet. So I was huge, eating badly, and couln't breathe. I visited with lifelong friends. I actually let them see me at my largest! I can't wait to go back there as a completely different person... even if I'm not quite where I want to be weight wise. I have about 10 more weeks and I would love to lose 10 more lbs. Well I'd really love to lose 20! but I'd be happy with 10. So I have a goal in sight. I'm shooting for 10 lbs and for every lb after that 10 that I lose I get to but a new outfit for my Cali vacation! I could end up with a lot of kick ass clothes.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Thursday Repeat, Uh Recap

I am happy that I actually made it to the gym last night, but a little disappointed that I could only muster a measley 35 minutes of exercise in on the elliptical. I was feeling pretty lazy yesterday and sore. Did I mention sore? I'm actually more sore this morning than yesterday. Those walking lunges and squats shredded my legs. I mean it's two days later and I'm still bitching about them. I'm beginning to think I might have to swallow my hate for step and suck it up just for this walking lunges. *sigh* I'll have to think hard about this...

Food wise, things are okay. Most days I actually have been feeling very piggy, but the scale keeps showing losses (even if at this moment it's a very small but respectable loss) so I guess I'm doing better than I think but definitely not as good as I could be. I didn't feel like cooking last night, so I went over to my Parents house and had them feed us. It was chicken enchiladas, So very yummy! I only had one and didn't add anything crazy like sour cream or guacamole, so that while the food tasted sinful it was actually pretty low point value at 6 points. And the best thing? I did not take a fully loaded soda from their fridge! Okay it might have been becasue they didn't have anymore coke, but I refused the Dr. Pepper and the Root Beer. Soda is a weakness of mine so I'm pretty happy.

Exercise is on the menu again for tonight because weigh in is tomorrow and I want to scale to to continue its downward direction.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wednesday's exercise

I took a total body workout class last night. The verdict? I hated it more than any other exercise class I've taken before. The Total Body Workout has a large section working on a step. As in Step Aerobics, as in something the uncoordinated should NEVER be involved in. I am one of the uncoordinated. I tripped twice and could not follow the instructor at all. I ended up spending most of the time doing lunges off of the step while everyone else was doing around the world crap. Now there were other parts to the class that were okay. Walking lunges and squats, arm curls witha body bar, and some inner and outer thigh work. I was cool with all that, but that step just frustrated the hell out of me. My S-I-L was like you look so angry! And I'm all, well yeah. I hate this class, why would I look happy during it?

Afterward, I ruined my workout because I ate vanilla icecream with hot fudge. All those AP's I earned went for that yummy dessert. Tonight, I'll be on my best behavior.

Honestly it was a solid workout. I burned some serious calories, but I'm quite happy to be heading back to my elliptical tonight. Yay, I get to watch Oprah... even if it's a repeat (I actually have no idea if it's a repeat or night, I'm just assuming!)

This morning I was late getting into work because I had to get two new tires put on my car. I had major thread showing on the front tires and I was too scared to drive 30 freeway miles on them knowing I was at a huge risk for those babies to blow on me. So now I have new safe tires and the car drives so much better. And I got the tires put on really fast so I was at work by 8AM.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tuesday Recap

No different than every other Tuesday I've had for the last 9 months! Abs and Zumba. I love class as usual. My sister in law did go to class with me so that was kind of cool. I wore my HRM and was surprised when after an hour and half it said I'd on;y burned 487 calories. I was actually pretty upset until on the way way I remembered that I'd actually taken a beta blocker because I was having palpitations and the beta blocker fixes that, but also keeps my heart rate down, so even though I worked really hard and could barely speak afer some of the dances my calorie burn was crappy. Today should be better. My s-i-l convicned me to take a total body workout class with her. Me+TBW= not happy. I'd rather do my elliptical but quid pro quo and all that. I have to go and do what she wants as she did what I wanted last night. I'm kind of glad she only has a two week trial membership at my gym because I can't wait to be able to go back to MY schedule.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Best Laid Plans and all that BS...

I had a plan yesterday, and it completely went to sh*t! I was going to get to the gym at 4 and put in 2 hours of hard work, so the teen could swim at the pool for 2hours. Turns out, I forgot it was MOnday, and therefore my day to visit my Aunt at the nursing home. I left work at 2:30 and then went the wrong way, so wasted 10 minutes getting myself turned around and headed towards the nursing home instead of heading home. Put me in a horrible mood!

After I left my Aunt, my daughter calls and asks me to go to JC Penney's to pick up a second bathing suit for her. She just got a brand new one, but she wanted to other one she tried on the other day. So I cave (yes, sometimes it is just easier to do that than argue of a trivial thing like a bathing suit) head to JC Penney only to find out they are all out of size small, so another bit of time wasted! My level of frustration just went up another level. I can't even explain why I was so upset over how my afternoon went. I had a total emotional breakdown. Tears, anger, sadness the whole thing was absolutely ridiculus.

I ended up not getting home until 4:30. I was really upset about this and almost decided to not go to the gym at all. I decdided that would be a huge mistake, so I quickly got dressed, dropped the kid off at my brother's so she could go swimming and finally! get to the gym at 5 PM. I did 62 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes of strength training (arms only) and felt fantastic afterward. My mood completely changed. Gone were the tears and the negative self talk. I have a few things that I need to change in my life and I'm trying, but the bottom line is my life may be a little boring but it's still a pretty darn good life to have. I learning how to be happy. I will get there someday soon.

In NSV news, I bought a size 14 pair of pants this weekend. They totally fit and don't look horrible or anything. That encouraged me to pull out my 14 from the closet and about half of them are wearable. I can totally button all of my size 14 pants but some of them give me a major muffin top! But that's so not the point. The point is I am basically a 14 now! Super excited. Must do more crunches. Need tighter abs and I need this abdominal fat to go away!

Tonight is my favorite exercise day of the week. I get 30 minutes of Abs and then Zumba!