Saturday, June 13, 2009

Meeting goals

So, I set goals for myself this week hoping that they would help me stay on track and succeed this week. Let's just say, I don't think I am meant to havew specific goals because I pretty much failed at every one this week. Including on the scale where I am up over a pound!

I wanted to exercise at least 6 days this week, and I failed that one pretty much on day 1 when I did not exercise Saturday or Sunday. The best I could hope for was 5 days, which I did accomplish, knee injury and all. The knee, btw, is better but not healed. I've been debating whether or not I should go to a Dr. because it is better but not perfect. The icing has helped it greatly.

Another goal I had was no BLT's... okay so this one wasn't so bad. I didn't actually do any BLT's. If I wanted it I ate a whole portion! Which might not have been such a good idea in hind sight!

Cooking every night? Yeah, so did not happen. I cooked one night and then ate leftovers. Twice this week I ate at Panera Bread. I had salad and half a sandwich so not like I made horrible choice, but I did not cook, so this one was a fail!

Eat 4 servings of fruits and veggies? I think I nailed this one. I love fruits and veggies so this one was an easy goal to reach.

The no soda goal? I failed on that one too. I only had 1 coke zero over the week. And I don't even like Coke Zero! I'm a fully loaded Coca Cola drinker.

Last night I ended up having a bit of a melt down. I've been retaining major water the last two days and I ended up gettin gon the scale about 8 PM last night and saw a HUGE! gain like 10 lbs. THe scale actually said 220. I threw in the towel was like I m so not going to weigh in. This water weight is a joke. You need pie right now. Remember that pie I made earlier in the week? I ate another piece and then after that I had Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup w/ hot fudge and bananas. And I ate a frozen meal for dinner last night. (The teen stayed the night at my brother's house so I didn't need to cook for her and I was lazy) The only thing I can say that is positive is that I only ate one serving of the icecream instead of the whole container... which is what I would have done this time last year. So my binge eating isn't really binge eating so much anymore. It's more like I'm making a consciuos decision to eat all this but let's not make it too horrible, mmmkay?

So this week? No goals. I'm going with the flow, trying to heal my knee, make better eating choices, and getting out of the house more to do it. Which might sound like goals but not because it's not really specific or rigid where I'll feel like I have failed. Ya know?

How has everyone else's week gone? Any success?


Fatinah said...

instead of going from 8 billion goals to no goals....

how 'bout you choose one goal??

there was some good in that post you know - so I'm going to say well done on doing so many workouts with a bum knee and awesome job with the fruits and veggies. Great work.

Krissy said...

Fatinah, You are right and I probably should have at least one goal, but I always remember that my ultimate goal is to be healthy. In whatever form that is. I have already planned my dinners for the week, I know I'll be a gym rat at least 4 days, which I should be satisfied with, and I think as long as I do not eat at my work cafeteria this week I'll show a loss, because my sodium intake gets cut in half when I bring food from home rather than eat frm there. So I think I'll stick to no goals but try following guidelines if you will. That way there is less pressure on me to succeed or fail as the case may be.