Wednesday, June 17, 2009

News from the Dr.

So I have a diagnosis. I have torn my miniscus on my right knee and I have rotator cuff tendonitis in my right shoulder. The Dr. said the good news is I am young so I can heal my injuries with strength exercises and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. Oh and I have to change the way I sleep, which btw, how the hell am I going to do that. I am a side sleeper, I don't know how sleep any other way!

I did make it to total body workout after the Dr. Between Zumba in the morning and total Body Workout in the evening I burned almost 1400 calories! I ate a little bit more for dinner than I usually would but still well within my points. Today has been a wonderfully producitve day. I wish every day could be as good as today has been. Alas, I return to work tomorrow, so my great day has to come to an end.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

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Wow burning 1400 calories, great job!!

Emmett said...

Oh you might want to look into the book by Dr. Lou Ignarro,, very good book.
Love the blog. Keep up the good work!

Tricia said...

I'm a side sleeper too. I can't get comfortable any other way. Maybe some giant pillows would help? That's my solution for everything...more pillows.

At least it wasn't something more serious though, right?

Fatinah said...

glad you're going to heal up!