Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I did not work today!

I have had a pretty great day and the only thing I have done is Zumba! Well, I slept until 8 AM. I'm usually up by 4:30 on the week days in order to make it to work by 6 AM. So that felt great! Then I dropped the kid off at my brother's so she could swimm for the day. Then I went to the Y and took the Wendnesday morning Zumba class. I feel fantastic. I'm now home. I made a turkey sandwich and had fresh strawberries and now I'm about to take a shower and then I'm finally heading to the Orthopedic Dr. to get not only my knee checked out but my shoulder too. So hopefully I'll get an anti-inflammatory and all this pain will go away! So that's my day so far. I have plans to go back to the why later tonight to take the total body workout class. I'm trying really had to lose the weight I gained last week. I'm hoping the extra workouts help.

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