Thursday, June 11, 2009

Knee Status

The knee is actually feeling a bit better today. It might be because I just got done icing it though, so we'll have to wait and see how it is about Noon. I'm retaining water like crazy. To the tune of 4 lbs right now. I'm attributing this to my knee as well, since my right leg seems to be about twice the size of my left leg right now.

Also, my food and exercise have pretty much been all all week. Except for a small piece of Peanut Butter pie. Recipe from this woman. I made it two days ago and had to at least try it, especially after my daughter and niece said over and over AND over again just how awesome the pie was. And it was. Incredibly awesome. And so rich a small piece really satisfied and I never felt the need to go back and shove my face in it again. lol

I did exercise yesterday. Elliptical 35 minutes. It took about 3-4 minutes on it before my knee stopped bothering me, but once it did I was okay. The hardest part was actually stepping off once I was done becasue that required bending the knee. I'm calling the Orthopedic Dr today to see if he can squeeze me in. I need an anti-inflammatory. Pain meds would be nice, but not required as long as my knee gets fixed.

Oh, and last night was SYTYCD! Awesome show. I love the dancers. They were all excellent. It's going to be hard to see anyone from this group go home! Anyway, that's all that's going on here.


Carlos said...

glad your knee is better. love that show. i call it shugga shugga shugga DANCE! from the theme song, cause im a dork like that

H.K. said...

Congrats on having just one piece! It really is true that the second helping is never as good as the first. I'm learning to savor each bite when I do have a dessert.

Fatinah said...

advil will help with the knee - as it is an anti-inflamitory and keep icing!!

We watch SYTYCD also - but we taped it.....we haven't watched yet!!