Saturday, June 06, 2009

The results are in...


I think those results are quie good, especialy because I was a little lazy with my food this week. I made a few poor choices, but exercised 5 days this week that counter acted those food choices. So this week, I'm going to have goals that I'd like to accomplish.

1) No BLT's this week... especially no spoonfuls of hot fudge
2) Exercise at least 6 days this week
3) Cook dinner every night to avoid sodium from frozen meals
4) Eat at least 4 servings of fruits and veggies every day
5) No soda of any kind. Drink of choice is either water or tea

It looks like I'm going to be heading to CA for a vacation in August. When I went last year, I had just quit smoking and hadn't started Weight Watchers or the gym yet. So I was huge, eating badly, and couln't breathe. I visited with lifelong friends. I actually let them see me at my largest! I can't wait to go back there as a completely different person... even if I'm not quite where I want to be weight wise. I have about 10 more weeks and I would love to lose 10 more lbs. Well I'd really love to lose 20! but I'd be happy with 10. So I have a goal in sight. I'm shooting for 10 lbs and for every lb after that 10 that I lose I get to but a new outfit for my Cali vacation! I could end up with a lot of kick ass clothes.


Carlos said...

kick ass loss krissy. you are doing great

H.K. said...

Those are some awesome goals, I know you can do it and congrats on the weight loss!