Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 1 – 30 Day Shred

I was supposed to start Day 1 yesterday, but sleeping through the alarm clock for 40 minutes threw that right out the window. So my plan was to start this morning on Day 1.
• Alarm clock going off at 4:20 am? Check
• Hit snooze twice? Check
• After hitting snooze 2nd time, actually look at time and notice it is 4:38 and just enough time allotted to do 20 minute Shred workout and still be able to take shower, make lunches and get to work on time. Check
• Roll out of bed… even though don’t want to? Check!
• Turn DVD on and think smugly… I can totally rock this out and not feel it because I’ve been working out for 10 months? Check
• After 3 minutes of doing what Jillian tells me to… start thinking how much I hate her and maybe want to cry just a little? Definitely Check.
• Finish 30 Day Shred and vow never to do it again? Check (I’m kidding I’m going to get up again tomorrow!)

Wow, for just 20 minutes Shred really kicks your ass. I can’t believe how tired I was and how my calves and thighs feel sore already. I could not kick my heels up to my ass, not because I can’t do it, but because I didn’t want my daughter running out of her room swearing we’d just had an earthquake! Anyway, I’m glad I got through Day 1… only 29 more to go.


Carlos said...

great job! i am a total slut for my snooze bar!

Fatinah said...

I'm a snooze whore - I don't know that I would have gotten up!

Next time you post, can you tell us how much equipment you have to have at home to Shred??

Krissy said...

So far all I've needed for Shred is hand weights. It does say you might need a mat if you work on a hard surface.