Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 2 – 30 Day Shred

I only hit the snooze button once this morning. The 2nd time it went off instead of hitting snooze I turned the alarm off (which could have been a huge disaster!). I debated with myself for about 30 seconds about leaving the comfort of my warm bed to do Shred. I actually talked my self out of the extra sleep because it was only 30 extra minutes. Seriously people, only 30 extra minutes. 30 minutes is like another 8 hours when you are the type who really enjoys sleeping. *sigh*

I got my ass out of bed and about cried because my calved and thighs were so sore (I could barely walk). At this point, I really tried to convince myself to get back in bed and hide. I’m sure I would have if I hadn’t already turned the alarm off! My subconscious totally knows me! I turned on Jillian to Level 1 and started to 20 minutes of hell. I didn’t half-ass it either. The only move I can not do, and I’m not sure why, is the kicking my feet up to my butt. Actually, I could barely pick me feet off of the floor because of soreness, but even yesterday I had difficulty doing it. I’m pretty heavy in the legs so maybe that’s why? Otherwise I did pretty well. I only used 3 lb weights, I think tomorrow I will bring out the 5 lb weights and if those still feel too light then I’m about to make a purchase for heavier hand weights (okay, so I should probably have had 10 lb weights already but I have always been pretty lazy and whiny about things being too heavy. I’m working on that)

Day 2 is accomplished and I feeling pretty good about myself. I’m sore as all get out, but I just keep saying it’s only for 30 days. Tonight I am heading over to the gym to put in 60 minutes on the elliptical. I’ve done really well with exercise and food this week. I’ve also not had soda this week, which is a total miracle because I do love Coca Cola, the real stuff, not a diet soda fan. I’m a little worried about the weigh in because I’m a scale junkie and get on every morning and the numbers are not reflecting my effort. I know it will reflect it eventually but I was really hoping to lose all the weight I’d gain last week and then some. It’s still in the realm of possibility, I stated before how my body has a habit of holding excess water. I am consistently diagnosed with Edema and take a water pill daily (HCTZ 25 mg) So, I’m totally going to see a loss, I just don’t know how much of one I’m going to get this week. Have a happy Friday all! Yay, it’s Friday!

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