Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday To do list

So, I'm off of work today. I have to get my car registered today, which means I have to get a safety inspection and an emissions check before I go spend a couple of hours waiting in a line to get my tags. I remember the days when I could just send a check in the mail and my tags would be mailed to me... MO is not CA.

So my to do list included:

Shred - Totally completed that one!
Oil Change
Safety/Emissions Check
ZUMBA! at the Y. - So excited about this one, I get Zumba twice this week.
DMV to get new plates for 2 years!
Laundry - apparatnly we have used every towel in the house, so I'm going to be a cleaning girl
Make chicken pot pie recipe from the Hungry-Girl Cookbook.

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