Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 7 - 30 Day Shred

Day 7 = success! Sort of. I decided to go ahead and try Level 2. It's a lot harder than Level 1. About 5 seconds into the first strength move I was wondering what I'd gotten myself into and then I heard my cat moan and proceed to hack a hairball up on my carpet. *sigh* So gross! So Shred had to wait a minute and then I got started up really wondered if I should go back down to 1. I didn't and I got through it, a lot clumsy and with pain. I had to follow Anita because of knee issues in my right knee so many of the moves were a bad idea for me. I pretty much thought this on Day 1 of Shred at Level 1 so I will get over it and build my strength. It's always hard when you do something new.

I actually can't believe I've done Shred for a week now. I'm pretty proud of myself.


Fatinah said...

you should be proud - good work!

Natasha said...

I felt that way when I first started level 2 as well. I thought I was going to die (literally), but now I'm doing a lot better with it. It's awesome to see yourself get stronger. Congrats.