Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm here!

It's been a crazy horrible week so far. My food not nearly as good as it needs to be, my exercise has been awesome, major workouts every night this week... but that's about the only thing that has been awesome.
My sister's cats have been living with me for the last 10 months and on Tuesday morning Sarah, who was amost 16 years old died, in my house on my watch. So horrible. I cried, the kids, who found her, cried. My sister was damn near inconsolable.
Work has been crazy busy and it is driving me crazy. I also interviewed for a new position today, I think I did well but won't hear anything until sometime next week. I really hope this one works out because the job sounds like a lot of work but interesting and challenging which is what I want. So think good thoughts, okay?

I just have to get through tomorrow, and then I have a 3-day weekend, which I desperately need.


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Sending happy job vibes your way!

So sorry to hear about your sister's cat.

Fatinah said...

sorry 'bout the cat - so sad.

ok missy - get your food back in control. You have tremendous success when you combine good portions and your kick ass workouts. You can do this.