Thursday, February 14, 2013

Upping the mileage

I upped my mileage yesterday. I ran 8.81 miles and it felt pretty good! I have a 7K that I will be running on St. Patty's day and my average run has been just under 4 miles since I started running again. Saturday I went out with my friend and we ran 5 miles and it felt really good. My back and foot held up really well, so yesterday I wanted to see where I stood with time. I got to the lake about an hour before my friend so I could do a 7K at my pace (and not my friend's) to see where I stood on time. The last 7K I raced I did it 49:02. I knew I wasn't there yet but I didn't know how far off I was. It was a very pretty day. In the 50's yesterday and the sun was shining. Just a little bit of wind. I ran the 7K in 52:57, so I've lost about 4 minutes. I have a month to try to gain that back and then some. I'd love to PR. So I have a goal. My friend showed up about 10 minutes after I got back to my car and off we went for a 4 mile run at her pace. We would have ran further but my foot started bothering me and I was limping quite a bit. Plus she has her own set of feet problems and and just had her feet taped and she didn't want to push it too much her first time out with the taping. After hearing her rave about how good her feet felt. I want my foot taped! Does anyone know anything about KT tape? Yay, Nay? I might try it, just to see if it helps with the plantar fascitis. I do have a half to run in less than 2 months and I am thinking I need all the help I can get.

Today is Valentine's Day. It's my first one in a very long time where someone other than my kid is my Valentine. We aren't making a big deal of it really. No dinner reservation and no big rock being put on my finger. My daughter bought me flowers and a card. I will of course be returning the favor for her... except instead of flowers I am getting her a video game she mentioned she wanted. John already gave me his presents as well. Shoe inserts that make my feet feel like I'm walking on clouds and workout gear... because he is awesome and actually knows the way to my heart is providing me with useful things rather than chocolate that I would devour and gain 10 lbs then have a sad because I did that. My gift to him... a tune up for his road bike and these shoes because he wants them and I know the way to his heart is always a pair of shoes. We aren't a mushy pair but we love each other and we know how to please each other make each other smile.

Anyone advice on how to heal a heel without stopping the runs?

What are you getting your Valentine this year?


TorontoRunner said...

I hope you had a great V-Day!

oooh, never heard of KT tape or know anything about it..I think if your friend found some results, it might be worth it to try??

Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More said...

What did you find out about KT tape? I haven't heard about it either.

Krissy said...

I'm a big fan of KT tape! I bought the regular KT tape and then went back and bought the pro version.

The PRO version stays on much longer, like 5 showers longer. I watched a Youtube video on how to tape for plantar fascitis and then just did it. My foot almost immediately felt better, like it was being supported even if I didn't have shoes on.

I also have a bum shoulder and I used KT tape on it and it totally helped alleviate the ache that I had there.

It doesn't solve your issues but it sure does help you get through a run.

Aaron Grey said...

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