Thursday, February 07, 2013

Running week

I have run 3 days this week. Not very far and not very fast, but I have made the effort to get out there and move. Unfortunately after my run yesterday my left leg was twice the size of my right one. I went home and did the whole RICE thing. It helped while I was doing it but woke up this morning to the same old dance. Stupid foot. I am 10 weeks away from my first half of the year. I hope I can get all this pain under control soon because I am so very tired of being injured.

Life otherwise is going well. I go to work, work out, go home and cook dinner, read a little and go to bed. Life is pretty boring these days, but it's been so very nice to have a drama free life that I appreciate the peace and quiet I have attained in my life. My John is almost done with his wrestling coach duties. Honestly I can't wait for the season to be over. I miss not having him as my gym and running partner. since November, when wrestling started, I typically only see him for an hour before bed. And with weekend wrestling meets it's even harder to spend quality time with him. You would think I would spend more time with friends, but it seems that my girls are only available during the time that I have to spend with John. So basically all my relationships suffer during wrestling season. :) 2 more weeks and then it's over. I can not wait!

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