Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Injured again

On Friday, my back was kind of bothering me. Not too bad just enough for me to remind me to step carefully. I of course ignored it. I went to the gym and worked out. Saturday, was gorgeous outside. It was high 50's, sunny, just perfect running weather. So I met my friend down at the lake for a scheduled run. Place was jammed with runners, bikers, and walkers with dogs. My back hurt, but I still did not listen. We ran 2 miles and walked 1.7 to finish the loop. By the time I got to me car, my back was screaming at me. Sigh, did I listen to it at all? Negative, because I woke up on Sunday got about of bed, fell down because I could not put any weight on my lower extremities, cried for about 15 minutes and went to the gym and worked out again. Now, I know none of this was wise, in fact it was downright dumb, but I will say while I was working out I had very little pain, and that is why I went ahead and worked out anyway. However, by Sunday night I got a little smart. I went and bought a heating pad and used it. I ended up taking Monday as a rest day, most likely because I could not get up from the couch without a lot of tears, and today woke up with manageable pain. Because I feel so much better than I did yesterday, I made a choice to take one more rest day and cancelled my scheduled run this afternoon.

I'm so so tired of being injured. My foot is finally on the mend, my shoulder is finally getting better, so why in the world did my back decide to pain me now? I have 2 half marathons I am training for. I can't afford all these injuries! I have fitness and weight loss goals I want to meet. I need a healthy body in order to do this. I don't have a scheduled run again until Saturday. I am hoping several rest days in a row will fix me, so I can get back on track.

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