Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week at a glance

This was a weekend of Zumba. My arms and shoulders are very sore from yesterday's interval training. However, despite all my hard work I've been in on the exercise front, my eating has managed to go to hell in a handbasket. I even ate a taco from Taco Bell, and cookies were involved in this weekends fiasco. There is hope for me though because I'm sick of my negative attitude and am finally feeling liek I'm ready to get past this stand still that I've been in. Starting in the AM I'm back on with food and no more excuses.

My life is about to get a lot busier. I signed up for an explorations class through my Church, so I start there tomorrow. Tuesday I have Zumba, Wednesday I play taxi so my daughter gerts to her Youth Group at Church, Thursday, I'm starting a new Bootcamp workout, Friday I have Zumba, and Saturday morning is one more Zumba class.

Also on Friday's my kid starts piano lessons, so I bought this for her this weekend...

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