Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weight Watchers

So I actually bit the bullet today and rejoined Weight Watchers. I keep trying to do WW on my own but have had little success over the last year or so becausae I have not been accountable to anyone but myself at the scale. I'm excited and scared. The meeting today was about negative thinking. Something I am quite familiar with. Negative thinking is what got me into this mess to begin with. So I'm going to try and reinforce positive thinking in my daily life. *fingers crossed*

Day One of WW has consisted of eating out... because I was looking at model homes woth my sister. I left my house at 7:30 (to go to the WW Meeting) and I did not get back home until 3:30 PM. We ate breakfast at St. Louis Bread Company (Panera Bread for the non locals). Had a breakfast sandwich which was 510 calories which translates to 11 points. 11! and for lunch we went to Qdoba, where I had a naked chicken taco salad which was also 11 points! 22 points for what was basically not a lot of food. I'm still hungry and have barely enough point totals for something to eat. Thank goodness veggies are basically free points AND there are weekly flex points.

I'm going to the gym tomorrow to earn some activity points...

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