Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why is is so hard to lose weight?

So this has been my daily question for weeks now. I'm struggling every day to lose ounces when I should be losing lbs. because there are so many to lose. I've been really good about the gym. I go almost everyday and struggle through an exercise routine, lots of cardio and then work on weight training as well. I've given up fast food and have tried to limit my portion sizes. My biggest struggle is still breakfast. I tend to use too many of my daily points on it. I've seen little to no progress and I can't help but get discouraged.

I found out this week that I have a "fatty liver" which is just one more problem that adds to the weightloss struggle. It's just one more reason why weight loss is so hard for my body. Between the PCOS and this liver issue my body just wants to store store store fat. However, now that I know about the fatty liver if I want to ever be healthy again I have to exercise everyday (well at least 5 x's a week) and I have to eat a low-fat low calorie diet. It will take time to correct my liver and until I do that weight loss is going to be difficult for me. My liver has to heal before my body can register weight loss... or something like that. I'm still struggling to understand it all, and trying to figure out how to stay positive and on track when the results appear to be non existant. It's not like I can look at my liver everyday and say "Oh look it's a little more pink today"

So the little tracker up there will probably stay at 5 lbs loss for a little while longer, but know that I'm still here in my little world trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

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