Thursday, October 25, 2012

Swimming is hard, Yo!

The post title says it all. after my first half marathon, I was started feeling pain in my left heel. Mostly just a dull pain, so I ignored it and soldiered on. 6 months later that pain in my heel still exists and there are times when it is more than just a dull pain. I've come to the conclusion that it is Plantar Fascitis, but have yet to put my big girl panties on and go to the Doctor. So needless to say, my running has been sporadic to non existent since my 2nd half marathon in September.

I decided that I probably needed to start exercising again (those pants were getting tight again) and I thought swimming would be brilliant. I'm off my foot, working most of my muscles and doing cardio all at the same time! Well yeah, it does all that. You know what else it does? Makes you TIRED! I, who never goes to bed until my tv shows are over at 10PM, was asleep by 9PM last night after swimming 3/4 mile yesterday. It is more tiring swimming that length than running 5 miles. Crazy!

I'm going back again today. I'm determined to actually get to a whole mile of swimming. It's something like 33-34 laps in the pool. I'm not that far off from that. Maybe today will be the day I succeed.

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TorontoRunner said...

Thanks for your input on my post!

I would absolutely love for my gym to have a pool - I think I'd switch immediately! It's great variety and I'm sure an even better workout!