Thursday, November 15, 2012

Did I just do that?

Wednesday's run marked the 5th day in a row that I exercised. This is pretty big, as I spent every month since my first half in April, trying very hard to not exercise very much. i.e. I got lazy. So 5 days in a row is a miracle over here in Krissy-land. :)

My run. I got to the lake and wasn't sure I would even be able to run. Both my foot and my head were hurting. I knew i could survive the foot pain... the head I wasn't so sure about. See, how I tried to convince myself to just go home instead? I pretty much have these talks everyday, some days I win some days I lose. I ran anyway. My pace was slower than it has been, but I kept trucking along until I was back at my car 5.6 miles later. I did not stop once. I ran the entire way! It's been at least 7 months since I ran more than 2 miles without stopping to walk... once again I will repeat and say I am lazy. My goal for next week is to actually hit 6 miles without stopping to walk. For now I have a rest day, which for me means swimming laps at the YMCA so get a workout that is much easier on my body than running is.

I've been on this training regimen for 3 weeks now. The first 2 weeks, I did not see any movement on the scale. That was a little disheartening... to work hard and actually see a gain rather than a loss. But no more! I have lost over 6 lbs this week. I'm hoping to be down 4 more lbs before Thanksgiving... just so I can eat on Thanksgiving without guilt. :) I love me some mashed potatoes.

Last night, I made my first attempt at buffalo wings. My BF will not do fried foods, which is a very good thing, because it helps keep me in line as well. So I baked them instead. My sauce was a little sweet and will have to make that differently next time, but it was still good! I made boneless chicken for me and put in on a salad, rather than eating wings, since I refuse to eat meat that is still attached to the bone. I was pretty pleased with my first attempt at a new recipe. Have you tried a new recipe lately? Any good healthy suggestions for dinner tonight?


TorontoRunner said...

congrats on the great run and weight!

Ali Mc said...

WOW great job getting those workout streaks in. I ran my first half 2 weeks ago and felt so out of the workout loop for a bit, but now I'm back and loving it!!!!

PS: wings - yes please!