Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wednesday run

I got in another 5.5 miles yesterday. It was cold. My first 2 miles were by myself and I ran those pretty good, but I felt a little off. The last 3.5 miles I ran/walked with my friend. She's still building up endurance and can't run for as long as me, even if she can keep up my pace.

When I was done with my run, I posted this on Facebook:

I love running! Except for the heel pain. And the shin pain. and the knee pain. And the tight back. Yep, I love running.

Everything hurt yesterday. It started with my calf, that twinge went away at mile 2, then everything else decided to hurt. Today, my heel is still killing me and my quads are a little sore. Everything else went away about an hour after I stopped running though. And really despite all the aches and pains, I really do think I'm starting to love running. It feels a little weird writing that, because I never ever ever...(I'm singing Taylor Swift in my head right now) thought I would say that.

Have you ever done something you that you never thought you would like, let alone love, and it turns you were wrong?


TorontoRunner said...

Isn't it funny how we can be in so much physical pain from running, but end up absolutely loving it?!?! I completely get you!

Great 5.5miles!

Liz said...

Ha ha - I ran a half marathon yesterday and I had all of those pains you mention and more! It's still better than being unfit though, and hopefully the pains will go away soon!