Friday, November 02, 2012

Thursday Run

Today was Day 2 of running with my friend, Stephanie. I got to the lake about 30 minutes early and instead of just sitting in the car and waiting for her to show up, I got out of the car and started running. I knew I could get in at least a mile before she got there. So my plan was to turn my watch on and when I hit .5 miles I would turn around and go back to the car and meet up with her for the rest of the run. It turns out, she was running a few minutes late and I was feeling great. So I got 2 miles in and made it back to the parking lot just as she showed up. Total win for me. We walked a 1/2 mile warm up for her and then got another 3 miles in before it was time to head home. This run was so much better than my Monday run with her. We spent more time running than walking, kept a much better pace; Somewhere around 11 minutes a mile, and we both felt really good when we were done.

However, she thinks I'm crazy, because I do not warm up before I start running. I just go. I figure my first mile is my warm up. Where as she needs at least a 1/2 mile of walking before she will even consider starting her run. Which camp do you fall in?

No running on the agenda tonight. I am meeting my daughter for icecream and social time before she goes off and does her thing with her friends and then I am heading to a 90 minute Zumba class.

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TorontoRunner said...

ooooh have fun at zumba! I'm going to go back to a class soon.

This is actually a great question I'm wondering about! I'm with you on the warming-up. I just go. The first mile is a warm-up, right! haha