Thursday, November 01, 2012

Wednesday Run

Yesterday I took a run around the lake by myself. Most days I will be running with a partner as she wants to complete a half marathon. Since it was Halloween yesterday she couldn't make it, so I trekked on down there and did it alone. (I have goals and they must be met!) According to the training program, I only had to do 3 miles. So no biggie. I decided to just knock out a 5k so can a starting time. I know where I want to end up with my 5k time, but I still didn't know what my starting time was. Now I do...

My time was 38:34 and I want to get to 30:00, so I need to knock off more than 8 minutes off my time. I'm nothing if not ambitious, with a dose of realistic. :)

The run itself was great. The weather was perfect and I ran the whole way. Which is a miracle in and of itself! I typically have no problem convincing myself it's time to take a breather and walk for a minute or two.

There will be another run today, but with my friend so I don't expect to break any records running. But running is running.

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TorontoRunner said...

Nice run! I just love the ones that *feel* great.
You will get to your goal and knock the minutes off, yep!! :)