Friday, August 21, 2009

Week so far....

It's amazing how much a new job affects your life. I loved that I used to be able to bog everyday before the new job... but I didn't exactly love my job. I love my new job, but rarley have any time to blog.

I still exercise everyday (or almost anyway) I flaked big time on Wednesday and I missed Abs on Tuesday, but did Zumba. I havne't been doing Total Body workout this week. I normally do it twice a week, but did the elliptical instead because I was tired and I didn't want to be at the gym for two hours. So I did an hour to get something in. I need to step it up again. I miss that high I used to get from working really hard at the gym. It's probably ben two weeks since I've felt like that.

Food is not bad, not great but not bad. I've trried to get my fruits and vegetables in this week, but it never seems to be enough, and I've been eating a lot of sandwiches. I'm not usre why other than they are quick to get in the cafeteria and they are also convenient. I'm still having issues with soda. I don't drink alot (maybe 3 a week) but it's more than I want. Or rather it's more than I think I should be drinking. Believe me, I want every drop of the coca cola classic that I dirnk. ;)

I actually can't believe that it's already Friday. I have no plans for the weekend other than attending my niece's birthday party. She's turning 4 and we are having a tea party for her. I sitll have to buy a gift. Oh and I got my first pay check on the new job. The money? It's nice. So nice I'm finaly going to be able to get internet in my home. I think that might solve my blogging issues. So just a few more weeks of inetermittent blogging and then I can get my behind in gear again.

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