Saturday, August 01, 2009

Weigh In...

So I am down from last week. That's a good thing. I ws surprised to see 208.8 this morning actually. While I did so much better this week than the previous three, I did not do nearly as well as I expect from myself. I think it may take me a bit to get back in the groove of things but I feel like I am fianlly heading down the right path again.

My first day on the new job was yesterday. I spent most of the day settling in at my new cubicle with a staff meeting and a little training thrown in. I think I will really like my new job. I like my boss and my immediate co-worker (who is going out on maternity leave and is an e-published romance author!) Once she goes out on maternity leave I think I will be pretty busy because I really will have to learn her job, not just think I know how to do it.

My baby turns 15 tomorrow. Saying that makes me feel old, which is weird because I'm only 35! She's a beautiful young woman and I am so glad I have had the privelage of raising her. She has made my life meanignful in ways I never expected when I was a young 19 year finding out I was going to be a Mom. I hinelty didn't think I would be doing it alone and I didn't think at all about how my actions would form her and mold her into what she has become today. I still regret that I have given her my food phobias! If I'd known that would happen I would have never said on a weekly basis that I do not eat meast attached to the bone or food that comes from the sea. I severly limited her culinary experiences. lol

Anyway, that's my life as I currently know it. Have a wonderful weekend! I can't believe it's already August!

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