Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yay! Internet Rocks!

Well that was fast. I called yesterday to set up internet in my home, for like the first time ever, and they came out this morning and now I'm rocking the internet again. You know what this means? It means I can start blogging again, and it's totally awesome that I do not have to fight with my teen over the computer because I bought her a mini computer for her birthday earlier in the month. We are both currently sitting next to each other both on the computer. It will be pretty sad if she starts IM'ing me from 3 feet away.

So I guess I should also mention that because I was waiting for the cab;e guy, I did not get to my WW meeting this morning. Its okay though I'm pretty sure I was going to have a gain. I now have a week to get my act together again, so I can start seeing the number n the scale go down once again.

I'm about to go shopping for a four year old and then off to a birthday tea party for said four year old. My Mother got into a fight with the four year old's parent so the party should be loads of fun!


TjRenee said...

Hey, Hubman and I do the email/IM thing when we're both sitting side by side. LOL!

Glad to hear you have the interweb at home now. Get to blogging girl!

Hope the party isn't too tense. EEK!

Tricia said...

I'm pretty sure I would die without internet at home so while I admire your strong will, I'm glad you don't have to suffer anymore :P

I've always wanted to go to one of those tea party birthday parties but my neices are all too old and I have no kids of my own. Bummer! Hope you have fun despite the awkwardness :)