Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun Night at the Hockey game

I would have done another class last night but I went to a hockey game instead. Blues vs Kings and before the game started I was pretty torn as to who I should be rooting for, as the Kings were my first love. I spent many a evening during my teens and twenties watching on TV or attending games at the Forum. However I've been a real fan of the Blues for the last six years and I'll be living in MO for a long time to come. However once the game started it became blatently obvious who I was rooting for and it was not the team of my youth. I have been fully assimilated to the Mid West. Go Blues! My team lost (0-4) but we got to see lots of these

and also

There was also a visit from Gov. Sarah Palin. She dropped the ceremonial first puck. Think what you want of her, but her daughter Piper is totally adorable and she's brought a lot of attention to the sport of Hockey, which is never a bad thing. Here are some pics from her stop.

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