Saturday, March 21, 2009

Before pic

I promised a before pics. It was taken in July 20, 2008, the day before I actually quit smoking. The first 6 months of '08 I managed to gain 33 lbs, while "trying" to lose weight. You can see from this pic, how well I was succeeding at weight loss. I'm also posting a pic from June '08 on what should have been one of my happiest moments that I would totally want captured on film, but hated every moment of it, and that was my college graduation. I can't believe how heavy I was and how losing just 28 lbs has made such a difference in my life. The funny thing is even though I'm almost down 30 lbs, I still haven't changed pant sizes yet... or maybe I have because for a while I was only buying clothes with elastic waists. I haven't had to buy any pants in new sizes because I basically can fit into all of my "fat" pants and have breathing room. 10 more lbs and I'm sure I'll be able to fit into my "before" fat pants, that would be the 16's and 14's depending on the brand name. So enough stalling already I present my before pictures:

July 2008

June 2008

And just so you can see where I'd like to go back to. Here is a picture of me taken when I was about 150 lbs, maybe a little more but not much. I'd be happy in the 160's, I think... but I look at this picture and think I look good here.

November 1999

To celebrate my 10%, I am going to get my hair colored at 2PM so I will post current pics of me when I get home with my awesome new color!really it's just to cover the grey unless my stylist has an awesome idea for color which she usually does. I hoping she wants to go lighter this time rather than darker. And yes I do leave it in her hands because I trust her and she has never steered me wrong.

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Carlos said...

there is already such a difference keep up the good work!