Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sore Abs!

I usually only do abs once a week. I know, I'm lazy. I'm still sore from Tuesday's abs class, but decided today that I'd go the Thursday class. I. AM. SORE! But I feel pretty good about it. I've really been working hard at the gym, and I'm really looking forward to weigh in to see if all this work I'm doing pays off... I realize it will eventually, but I'm kind of looking for the instant gratification. I'm impatient that way ;)

My food has been okay. I did have pizza on Monday and went out to dinner at Red Robin, but I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a side salad for dinner, instead of the burger and fries I really wanted. Tonight, I made a family recipe but adjusted to be lower in calories, but I was really hungry and ended up having 2 servings of it for a total of 11 points, which was okay because I had 10.5 points left for the day and I earned 7 AP's today. So I'm feeling pretty good... I just have to be sure I don't laugh too much, my abs are feeling a little tender. Have a good evening all!

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