Saturday, March 07, 2009

Weekly Weigh In - 3/7/09

Much better results this week! I'm down:

1 lb.

So I feel pretty good about this. I found myself at the gym 4 days this week, 2 days where I took a Zumba class. I hard a hard time sticking to my daily points target this week, I went over every day except yesterday. I don't have to wonder at the reason why, I know it's because I worked out really hard so I felt a lot hungrier this week AND my mouth has been having a hard chewing anything that is hard or crunchy so I was limited on what kind of fruits and vegetables I could eat. I did the best I could while dealing with my newly discovered TMJ problems.

I did go to the Dr for the jaw problem, and he gave me a muscle relaxer and something else (Nuerotin) which sort of scares me so I haven't taken it yet, and I'm only going to start it if the pain doesn't go away by next week. He also suggested Botox for the muscle that is having the spasms, but that's a final option for me. I only want botox in my forehead to get rid of the frown lines ;). While at the Dr.'s I did have a NSV. I've been on double blood pressure meds for 6 years and he took me off the Toprol this week, so now I am only taking HCTZ, which is a water pill. Another 20 lbs and I think I might get off all the meds. So, there's a Yay for me! So back to the jaw pain, I am going to get a mouth guard for night to see if that helps. Not the expensive kind from the Ortho but a cheap one from the store and if it helps then I'll dip into my FSA account and get the custom made one.

Today is my niece's 10th birthday. I guess we're having hot dogs and cake and ice cream today. I've already had a really good breakfast so I doubt I'll eat much, if anything, at the party. It's actually kind of nice to be able to go to a party and not feel like it's going to "ruin my diet" ... I don't actually feel like I'm on a diet anymore. I feel like I'm just living my life and making a series of choices that help me lose weight. I think I might actually, finally, be getting it.


Carlos said...

congrats on the loss... way to go

Fatinah said...

congrats on your loss!

Kari said...

Wow is sounds like you are doing really good ... congrats on the loss and getting in a great amount of exercise!!! And yahoo for getting off some meds, that must feel fantastic!
I hope your problems with the jaw go away soon!