Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Funny Stories about life with a teen

On Friday, I received an email from my daughter's Science teacher informing me of an attitude issue that resulted in Haley receiving a zero on a lab. Over the last little while Haley's hair has become unruly and her bangs covered half of her face completely obscuring her eyes. Everytime I told her she needed to get her hair cut she refused and said she could see just fine. Well on Friday her hair violated lab safety rules and her teacher called her on it. I made her a hair appointment immediately after reading the email.

Saturday before leaving for her hair she completely lost it, asking me if she had to get her hair wet in order for it to be cut, when I informed that yes, that's how it's usually done, she started crying and wouldn't stop. I was completely stumped and getting really frustrated with her. After asking several questions that started with "what did you do to your hair?" or What's wrong with your face?" I asked the correct question which was "What did you do to your eyebrows?"

Turns out Haley decided to wax her eyebrows and got a little too much wax on her left one and thought the only way to get the wax off was to use the cloth strip, which of course took off all of the eyebrow that had wax on it. She's been growing her hair the last two months to hide the fact she's missing part of her eyebrow. It wasn't as bad as she thought though, so Jill, our hair stylist, was able to fix her eyebrows and her hair (Hallelujah!), and I finally have my kid back. The sulleness is gone and she's smiling again and I can see her beautiful eyes again. Of course, when she finds out I posted her horrow story on the internet I'm sure I'll get sullen teenager back again.

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