Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekly Weigh-In

Start Weight 236.5
Current Weight: 231.2
Goal Weight: 145

It's a small loss, but at least I'm heading in the downward direction. My treadmill should be delivered either today or tomorrow so adding in exercise should help the weightloss continue.

I start back at school tonight. I have a paper due that I haven't started. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done during lunch. I have a few hours after work to get it done too, but I'd rather be done with during lunch so I don't have to stress too much before class starts. It's statistics and I'm dreading it more than any other class I've taken and there hasve been a few bad classes, odly enough those all invloved math as well. I've been off school for 6 weeks and it's hard to get my self back into school mode. I've known about this assignment for over 2 weeks and have done nothing to get to it. I'm such a huge procrstinator. I really hate that about myself sometimes.

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