Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Friday and Thrusday Recap...

Well I did manage to complete the day relatively unscathed. My Food consisted of:

FF vanilla yougurt w/ bananas and blackberries - 5 pts

Leftovers of the sausage and peppers - 7 pts
SF/FF pudding - 2 pts

WW peanut butter cookie - 1 pt
100 cal pretzel bar - 2 pts

Vegetable soup - 0 pts
SF/FF pudding - 4 pts (I had 2 servings)
100 cal icecream sandwich - 2 pts

After writing that all down I realize why I was so hungry yesterday, I did not eat all my points. It's a good thing I brought more food with me today to help with my hunger. It's very difficult to be at work and not have brought your healthy food in because the options here are pretty much awful!

I did not go to the gym last night. My house was a mess and I decided that I needed to do things around my house instead. So I ended up with a completely clean kitchen and livingroom. The kitchen of course is not as clean as it was when I was done because I had to make my homemade vegetable soup and cook something for my teen, who refuses to eat soup. (I think she does it to me on purpose. I know she thinks my goal in life is to be a short order cook) I'll head back to the gym tonight to make up for it. I don't ususally go to the gym on Fridays but well it's not like I'm doing anything else.

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TJ said...

Hi there. We're fellow A-Teamers. Go Team Angie!

I consider housework cardio as long as I'm moving and not taking breaks every few minutes. hehehe

Short order cook - good one. I feel that way sometimes too.