Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Living Life One Day at a Time...

So I'm feeling much better about this week and am back on track. I did hit the gym again last night and tonight is Zumba! and I try not to miss my class because I do enjoy it so much. And that is something I thought I'd never ever say about exercise. I noticed that my gym clothes are getting a little loose, so while the scale might not be showing the results I want something is happening with my body so I'm feeling pretty good right now.

I had to take my daughter to the Orthodontist yesterday and it's now official she will be getting her braces off on the 21st. She's really excited and so am I, but for a completely different reason. I made my last payment for her braces yesterday. So who-hoo, one less thing I have to pay for every month.

Everyone has been setting goals and I think that's a great idea so I thought I would do them too:

1) exercise at least 5 days this week
2) Take pictures of my meals and post them (I may have to start on this one tomorrow cuz I've already had breakfast)
3) Limit soda intake to no more than 1 a day (I've slacked on this one lately, since there is currently no soda in my house this one should be easy to stick to)
4) Blog daily recap of how I did everyday.

I challenged my daughter to a Wii fit contest and she just texted me with her acceptance of the challenge. She's 14 and while not fat she's not exactly fit and I've been struggling with finding a way to get her to be more active. So she now has 30 days to unlock all the games/levels whatever Wii Fit has and get the best score she can and then I have to try and beat them. If I can't beat her scores then she gets. of all things, a Batman Backpack and Footsie PJ's. Seriously that's what she asked for. If I win she has to clean the house from top to bottom. Some serious stakes. I bet she drops 10 lbs and hopefully so will I. That would be totally awesome.

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Fatinah said...

what a brilliant idea for a challenge. not only will you both be moving, but what great mother daughter time - all the trash talking that will be going on alone!