Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Recap

So I made a serious attempt at making mexican beans and rice tonight. It turns out... I don't know how to make it well. It wasn't a bad attempt but it sure didn't turn out like the Smart Ones version of it. It ended up being too dry. I needed to add more tomato sauce to it, but I didn't have anymore so I couldn't really fix it tonight. My daughter and I ate it any way. I'll buy some sauce tomorrow and add it to the leftovers (and there is a lot of it.) I followed the recipe from Lynn.

As for everything else... I stayed on track with my points AND I did 60 minutes on the elliptical at the Y tonight. I usually only do 30 minutes but stayed on longer because no one was waiting for the machine. I was also watching Oprah and I didn't want to miss what was going on. It was about teenagers who are severely overweight. Tomorrow is the 2nd part and Dr. Oz will be on the show and will attempt to help the kids. I'll be watching to what he has to say to them.


Fatinah said...

mmmm, that recipe sounds great - I'm going to write it down and give it a try!

Krissy said...

Lynn had a few recipes on there that I want to try. I'm not an expert in the kitchen but I'm pretty sure I will be since I've sworn off Taco Bell. I've cooked more in January than I probably have in all of 2008!