Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dinner anyone???

I’ve been having a hard time lately thinking of new things to cook for dinner that are healthy and low calorie. My daughter and I are not big meat eaters, which is weird considering just how much the rest of my family loves all things meat, but we just aren’t. We eat chicken… but chicken does get boring after a while. I think we eat red meat about twice a month, at the most. I need help! Are there any suggestions out there for cheap, easy and healthy dinners for someone like me and the teen?

Oh... and we do not eat seafood. Ever! You see why dinner can be difficult around my house?


Just Me said...

have you been to this site?
She has some good, simple and healthy recipies.

Anonymous said...

Try the Happy Texan. A lot of great ideas.

Tami said...

I have (ready to go in the crockpot for tomorrow) a salsa chicken recipe. It does use chicken but I throw it in the cp, add a jar of salsa, add some black beans, and then at the end add a small amt. of shredded cheese (don't have to do this though) and brown rice. With leftovers it has a different texture and is perfect in a whole wheat tortilla as a taco.