Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday Exercise Recap

I did go to the gym again and I did do the elliptical but about 30 minutes in I felt awful. A little dizzy and a whole lot tired. It was a little weird, so I got off the elliptical and finished my water and then got on the treadmill so I could keep watching Oprah (it was The Biggest Loser repeat) For the first 10 minutes I could not walk faster than 2.1. I felt better after that so I was able to speed up a bit and before I knew it Oprah was over and I could go home. BTW, I liked the show Susie was funny. I hope she lost her baby weight!

I think I got that way because I have exercised everyday since Sunday and I don't usually do that. I usually take Thursdays off and my body as all WTF? I'm supposed to be napping right now! Hello? What are you doing to me? So I'm going to have to re-evaluate how much work I'm doing during the week so I don't feel like that again.

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