Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Workout

Ahhh, it's been wonderful not having to work today. I was thrilled when my gym was actually open for half a day and that a Zumba class on the schedule. So Awesome! It was a Zumba class that had interval training incorporated into it, so we did two arm routines and one routine for the thighs. Can I get an ouch. I can barely lift my arms, I'm pretty sure it's going to be worse tomorrow. I wore my HRM and it said that I burned 661 calories!

Fo food today, I started out with a slim fast shake with a banana blended in. So yummy (I know that's crazy to say! but it totally was) I was full until about 1 PM when I made a ham and cheese sandwich (I toasted it and added no condiments) and had 3 reduced fat chips ahoy (it was the last 3 cookies, so not buying htem ever again, they are way too tempting) and a glass of 1% milk. For dinner, I'm eating over at my Mom's house. There will probably be salad and some kind of BBQ. My Mom knows that I'm doing WW so there should be chicken. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm feeeling really good about being back on track. I really want to get this weight off. I have 15 lbs until I reach my next mini goal and I want to reach it before I hit my one year lose-aversary in mid-July.


Fatinah said...

wow - what a great day you had!

Carlos said...

you sound like you are on a mission! good for you

Miz said...

GREAT DAY and love the sentence about feeling good about being back on track.