Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bits of randomness

So I'd like to say that I've just been incredibily busy and that's why I haven't posted since Monday, but that wouuldn't necessarily be true. I could have posted but I haven't felt like I've had anything interesting to say. There have been a few littel tid bits that I've thought I should blog that, but then just never did because the post would have only been a few lines long and just didn't seem like it was worth the effort. As I re-read all this I think I might have a bit of depression going on. Mostly I think because I've been living with pain in my mouth consistently for about 2 weeks, but intermittently for about a year and half. Yes I've been to the dentist twice, there isn't anything specifically wrong with my teeth. I totally have a tooth fetish and am pretty meticulous about mine because I have such high expectations of everyone elses teeth. Yes I am weird, I know this.

So anyway, the dentist last week finally said I probably clench my jaw in my sleep and that's why I'm in pain. He also said I need a mouth guard, and did I want to pay for that now? I said no. On Tuesday my daughter had an ortho appointment and I mentioned to my pain to the Dr. He told me to hop up, and looked at my mouth, asked where the pain was and said "Oh, that's good!" and then said "What I mean is the pain is coming from your muscles not joints or bones, we can fix this." He then gave me a couple of suggestions and then proceeded to call me the next day to make sure he had explained everything fully. He also suggested a mouth guard, because he did show me where my one tooth is getting hit when I clench at night (and believe I have absolutely no idea how I get to it in my sleep because no normal person would place their jaw the way I have to to damage it!) So I have options but the pain is... painful and makes me really irritable. So enough about that.

Over the weekend my daughter thought it fun to challenge me to a plank off. She said her PE teacher makes them do planks and that she could totally beat me at it. I do planks at least once a week when I take my Abs class on Tuesday's. So down on the ground we went, got in position and ready, set, go. About 30 seconds in she starts trash talking. "Ooh are you breathing? Do I see some shaking? Is your back straight?" My Mom, who was watching, said H, she's straighter than you are. At the minute mark H dropped! She starts cracking up because she totally thought she'd win and didn't. She was proud of me, and then was like I'm out, you can stop now. I just looked at her and said "Oh no, I want you to know just how much I beat you by, not that I just beat you" And I stayed up about 15 more seconds. I was shaking too bad to stay up any longer. The point of all this is though, when I first started doing planks I could go more than 15 seconds and I can go for almost 2 minutes now. Underneath all this fat, I 'm getting some muscle! So yay me.

I've managed to get to the gym everyday this week, I feel good about that. I'm staying within my points, haven't even broke out the WP's or AP's either. I'm retaining water big time, and am not sure why, and last but not least I love Lost, I always end up with a WTF? look on my face while it's on, but it sure is a fun ride even if I have absolutely no idea what is going on. ;)


RebeccaILJ said...

I LOVE that you beat your daughter at planks! Little victories like that make the journey seem just that much bearable... :-)

Carlos said...

great exercise nsvs! the tooth fetish is a new one on me!

Perry said...

I used to play with my daughter when she was little like that, she would hang from my outstretched arm until she couldn't hang on anymore. I was so sad the first time she held on longer than I could hold her up!
Great job on the workouts!

I'm a big LOST junkie, but like u I never know what is going on! I think they juggle too many story lines, and we don't get enough Penelope! :O)

TJ said...

I love Lost too! I used to get annoyed with it, but take it for what it is now - entertainment.

Yay, for you winning the 'plank off'!

Hope you can find a solution to your dental issues. Sounds quite painful.