Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Post

Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm a little nervous. I haven't been nervous about a weigh in in a while, so it's kind of a weird feeling. I'm dealing with TOM and retaining water like nobody's business... I do take a water pill for my blood pressure so water retention usually doesn't last long, so tomorrow I could have a huge loss or n loss at all. It also didn't help that I ate a piece of pizza at lunch today... after I'd already eaten my turkey sandwich. For dinner I ended up only eating a small bowl of cereal, mostly because I was still full from my extremely huge lunch.

Now normally I'd take all the possibilities of the weigh in and toss it out the window, but I'm really close to hitting my 10% and I want it so bad. It would be an awesome little Valentine's gift for myself, especially because no else will be getting me something special tomorrow. One of the sucky things about being single.

So I think I'm going to send myself to bed now so I can get to tomorrow and find out is I'm going to have a rockin' weigh in or not. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Perry said...

Throw that result right out the door! That leaves 51 weeks to improve!!