Saturday, February 28, 2009

Karma biting me in the *ss!

So last week I blogged about only working hard enough to lose so as not to embarrass myself, and this week I worked out hard, tracked my food, and ate better than I have in a couple of weeks... and how I am I rewarded? Well I'm still retaining water and at this morning's weigh in I showed a gain!


Not a huge gain, but a gain none the less. I can only hope this is a fluke and next week I'll show a better loss. I'm so close to two of my goals and I can't believe I haven't hit either one of them yet. It's so frustrating, but maybe I needed this kick in the ass in order to step up my game.

In other news, I'm still experiencing mouth pain. I'm going to have to get that mouth guard because I can't live like this much longer. It is so hard to eat anything hard or crunchy, and soft food that I will eat usually equals not good for my waist line. *sigh*


Carlos said...

sorry about the gain. i hate it whan karma gets all nibbly... hang in there.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

The gain could be a combination of increased work out and the moth pain. When we work out we build muscle, and in the process the existing muscle gets torn and rebuilt, and in the process there is a certain degree of temporary swelling due to the fluids that clean out damaged cells. Same thing can happen with illness and pain in anything that might be related to our sinus cavities.If it is muscle, next week should show a nice loss.

Perry said...

At any given time in most weeks, I show gains too. So far, none of them have shown on my WI day, but it's bound to happen. Have faith that you're doing all the right things, so it will work.....and good luck!