Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tusady Recap

I Zumba'd my butt off tonight! Seriously, I've been taking this class since September but I think the class keeps getting harder and harder. I can not remember the last time I produced this much sweat. I love my Zumba though. My instructor Tracy is all kinds of awesome. She has been so encouraging to me and because I can tell she wants me to really succeed it pushes me to work harder so I can. I also take an Abs class with her before Zumba... and I still suck at that. I'm getting better but I totally can't wait until I have abs that can get through the class without wanting to cry. ;).

Tonight after class I made up a salad and had a Progresso vegetable soup, and I've been full ever since. That's actually a lot less food than I normally eat after Zumba, but yesterday I wasn't feeling too hot and I think that might be why I didn't eat all my points today. I have now gone 7 weeks without eating dinner out at a Fast Food joint. Actually that should be 7 weeks that I've been to a fast food place for any reason. This is such a huge accomplishment especialy when you take into account I have a teenager living in my house. She has been really cool about this healthy living, and without her even trying to lose weight has managed to lose 5 lbs. She likes those results so she hasn't pushed the fast food issue at all. I'm so proud of her. She even ran a mile today during her PE and she didn't slow down to a walk at all. She was so stoked about it. Persoanlly that would be a goal I'd love to accomplish myself. I can only get about a 1/4 mile before I have to walk. I'll get ther though.

I watched The Biggest Loser and got to hand it to Bob's team, they are far more compassionate than Bob team's of the past but I totally see this biting them in the ass completely because Jillian's team is made of of huge game players. Bob is gonna be pissed too! They didn't listen to him. They're all gonna be hurtin'.

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